Marie Ghanimeh 

Why specialized Exclusively in Marketing for travel? 

We are part of Sashay World, who offers a wide range of marketing services that range between simple social Media post to a complete marketing and branding campaign but why creating a brand exclusively for travel Industry? 

Simply because of Marie, the owner and spirit behind the scene, who  is a travel expert and passionate, Specialized in marketing, branding and media production, and working for more than 15 years as Marketing Director for international travel services companies, holding multi-nationalities and having lived in France, Lebanon, Egypt and USA, knows the specifics of cultures, countries, languages and mentalities in addition to the needs of travel professionals and travellers.

"There is nothing more satisfying than transforming your passion into your source of income! Although I have been in more than 80 countries around the Globe, I am still fascinated by people and cultures, and I am using my professional expertise as Marketing and Media expert so travel professionals be able to find trustable partners, and provide services and tours to as many as possible, because when you know The Other, you discover how much we are the same no matter what country or ethnicity we come from, and this is my way to help in spreading love and Peace around the Globe!